Who we are - Pacha Conservancy Project, For a greener future - Cusco, Peru

  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru
  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru
  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru
  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru

Who we are

Pacha Conservancy is a Peruvian based charitable organization committed to:

  • Protecting and understanding biodiversity in the areas we work
  • Spreading sustainable ways of life and encouraging fair, sustainable development with respect for the earth (PACHA)
  • Promote the local population´s awareness and responsibility in regards to environmental issues


The Pacha conservancy aims to preserve the existing flora and fauna and plant native trees to restore forests that have been cut and degraded. We work locally by educating students and communities about global issues, our role in the environment and energy efficiency.


Pacha Conservancy aspires to be an institution of distinction to inspire, educate and involve the families in the areas where we work. Trees are essential to reverse declining soil fertility and to improve agricultural productivity and quality of life. However, planting trees can be difficult when the canopy has disappeared, topsoil has been eroded, and the climate and growing conditions have changed.


Carlos Unda Cano & Doris Valencia PucllaDirectors

The directors oversee and carry out all projects and ongoing management of programs at Monterosa in the Lucumayu Valley. They are responsible for communicating and organizing our activities as well as being involved with tree planting and the expansion of our projects to benefit local communities in the areas where we work.

Jean Paul La Torre FarfanProjects Coordinator

The coordinator is in charge of the advance planning and managing of the different activities carried out during the development of our specific projects.

Giuliana Melzy Palomino, Javier Farfan and Rudi Cruz ChinoCollaborators

Biologists from the San Antonio Abad Cusco University, both have been really crucial in the accomplishment of our goals as educators, sharing their wealthy knowledge of the different areas of biology with the groups of children that are lecture at Monterosa as part of our educational program.

Temporary Personnel

Our projects offer temporary employment at fair wages to numerous local community members. Jobs include construction of infrastructure, transportation (commonly by truck) of tree seedlings, weed clearing and installation of tree plantations and more.