- Pacha Conservancy Project, For a greener future - Cusco, Peru

  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru
  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru
  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru
  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru



04 February 2014

The first week of February we have on program the visit of a group of students from the private Andina University of Cusco, the students were from the tourism program, this was as a part of their ecology and tourism subjects, the program was developed to have classes in our outdoor classroom as well as field excursions were students were exposed to information on cloud forest ecology, birds, orchids, insects, plants, history etc. At the end of the course students took an exam which was evaluated by their respective professor who accompanied them at all times. These kind of activities have been organized not only for university students, also for biologist and other professionals.


31 July 2013

Thanks to Outlook Expeditions we were able to welcome two groups of volunteers that stayed at Pacha grounds for a week, they helped us tremendously during their stay, helping us planting trees, maintenance of our tree nursery, orchid garden, wall construction and more. To enrich their experience our team of biologist shared with them valuable information about the ecology of the Lucumayu Valley, its birds, insects, orchids and more. Other activities included hikes to nearby inca sites, talks about the rich peruvian history by professor Carlos Unda. The magic of Machupicchu awaited for both groups at the ned of their visit to Pacha. Thanks for your visit.


15 November 2012


10 January 2012


21 July 2011

Part of the goals of the Pacha Conservancy´s Project as a team is to develop facilities for students willing to spend time in Monterosa to learn about the area, work side by side with locals, plant trees, have a cultural exchange, carry on field studies etc, this early June we finally had our camping grounds ready, we were visited by two groups from the Wake Field Grammar School from the distant UK, they spent a week at Monterosa in July learning about its ecology, its birds, its orchids and more; they also had the opportunity to learn first hand from our friend Johan Saico(stone restorer)different constructions techniques that date back from the inca time. During this visit they selected construction material to build a stone wall, clean previous planted trees, learn about our local history and archaeology during lectures by the fire as well as assisting us during a series of talks we gave to local school teenagers that visited Monterosa during their stay, it was fantastic to see them interacting, discussing and sharing a good time together, practice spanish and english ; we ended the day with a soccer match!!. Once the students completed their visit to Monterosa we hiked on a seldom used inca-trail to Wamanmarka and then continue to Santa Teresa where the group caught the train to Aguas Calientes so they could visit the magical site of Machupicchu. Thanks to all of you that made things possible in Monterosa during your visit, in special to Dominic Higgins and Carolyn Kendall.


14 May 2011

We welcome 40 students in a of course of 02 days of lectures and forest walks for birding, this year we had the support of Cosapi Translei, the company in charge of the pavement of the important road Cusco-Quillabamba, they provided the transportation for our participants.
The school kids were from the last year of elementary school and their respective teachers, we both had a great time learning about cloud forest ecosystem, birds, orchids, water cycle and more, it was a good opportunity for us to work side by side with the teachers since part of the project is to start workshops where we want the teachers to take active participation in our educational project, this for sure will be a challenge!!!

Monterosa´s Bathroom construction

05 January 2011

This year is very important for our team, as we continue the construction of our facilities, so that we can welcome both students and volunteers to Monterosa. We have started clearing the area for construction of our new bathroom and shower complex and we are expanding the terraces in an incan style architecture, with enough room for orchids that we have rescued from the main road!!! It is looking good!! Our bathrooms should be finished soon which makes us very happy, this way we can offer our students, volunteers and whoever wants to come and help us, a camping area where you can pitch your tent and a place to take a nice hot shower. The structure is made out of stone and wood, and will have two bathrooms for girls, two for boys and three showers. This is a dream come true, since not only does the transportation take time and money, but also it is difficult to find someone dedicated and skillful to do this work. We are finally making this happen, so we are very proud.

Jose Carlos Mariategui Huyro School Visit

26 November 2010

We ended our year lecturing 80 kids from Nov 26th to Nov 29th, each day we worked with 20 kids of 5th to 6th level of elementary school. They came in the company of their teachers as well as the priest from the local church. During their visit they had the chance to meet Luis an Herpetologist from the Cusco University, he was happy to share with our students basic information about reptiles and amphibians. Luis was doing an inventory of species for Monterosa. We ended the day with problem solving scenarios related to the environment.

Alfamayo School Visit

28 May 2010

We welcome 40 students from the last year of elementary school of Alfamayo Community, on May 28th and 29th, we spent the morning learning about the environs of the Lucumayu Valley, playing games, watching birds and more. We were lucky to be assisted by 03 girls from the Evergreen State College in Washington, Becky, Maggy and Jessie.
This group of kids were very enthusiastic, quick learners and were willing to apply what they learned in their community; part of their plan was to start recycling in their own school and cleaning up garbage in their community.

December Carlos Mariategui Huyro School Visit

16 December 2009

As christmas was approaching we had our only lecture of the year, 2009 was a busy year for us, not many lectures but for sure a lot of construction in Monterosa. We welcome 25 school kids from the community of Huyro, about 30 minute drive from Monterosa. We had a nice learning morning experience with everyone, enjoy the games provided by our collaborators biologists Javier and Nadir Carolina, went birding with the kids using the material provided to us by Birder´s Exchange Program, it was certainly a nice way to end the year. Thanks to the collaboration our friends we were able to provide a special lunch for our visitors that included a cup of hot chocolate and a generous piece of christmas cake!! Feliz Navidad!!

Monterosa Camp Building

25 January 2009

In 2009 we began a very challenging project to terrace the slope at Monterosa, to create level ground for tent camps, along the terrace walls we create more suitable habitat for more orchids that we keep salvaging all these years. The first challenge was to find the right crew to take care of the job, we came across Cosme Gil, Johan Saico and their crew, whose knowledge about stone works is outstanding. They helped us recreate inca like masonry, including fittting stones together, channeling water, incorporating in situ large rocks and much more, they are really awesome, their talent has given Monterosa an authentic look. We plan to terrace the slope to the edge of the forest, build bathrooms, gardens, trails, forest restoration and more.

December Major Tree Planting

18 December 2008

Up to a 1000 trees were planted in a period of a week!!!! for this to be accomplished we hired 20 members of the community of Inkatambo and Amaybamba. Locals are experts in the use of a machete, for clearing vegetation and preparing the areas for planting, their assistance was very important in this part of the process.
The trees we planted were in the genus juglans (walnuts), erythrina (Coral bean), alnus (alder), lauraceae(wild avocado), cedrela (andean cedar) and others.
We want to thank the members of the nearby communities, our friends Hamish and James from Australia, and everyone who was involved in the success of this project.

Amaybamba School Kids visit to Monterosa

12 December 2008

We welcomed 30 students from the Jose Materiategui School from the community of Amaybamba to enjoy a full day nature experience in Monterosa. The kids came in the company of a couple of teachers. We had a fun morning learning about clould forest environment, birds, planting trees and sharing a picnic lunch at the end of the day. Is was certainly great to see the kids enjoying the binoculars and scope views of birds they otherwise wouldnt even have known existed. The identification was pretty challenging, the kids certainly had lots of fun trying to find the birds in the field guide. We are pretty sure that now they see birds differently!!!!

Australian Volunteers Visit

10 December 2008

James and Hamish from Australia came to stay with us for 2 weeks. During their stay they help us by preparing with us material to be used for lectures to local school kids, planting trees, cooking, and supporting us in so many different ways. We could not have accomplished as much as we did in so little time without them.

Birder´s Exchange Donation

23 August 2008

There are people out there that share their love for nature and want to help in many ways. We were put in contact with the American Birding Asociation and thanks to their program Birder´s Exchange we were the recipients of a donation that will help to accomplish our goals as educators in the area we are working. We can't thank enough the American Birding Association and Betty Petersen for their support. Through donating items to this program we can help people in other parts of the world to see birds differently and appreciate nature. Muchas gracias.

Monterosa Tree Plantation

30 March 2008

March was a pretty wet month, good time of year to plant more trees, our team manage to plant 150 trees this month amongst the species:
Cedrela sp, Erythrina sp, Juglans neotropica

Orchid Garden

10 February 2008

Our garden consists basically of orchids that have been salvage. We began collecting orchids from various places ; found on the ground, fallen trees, forest clearings, road expansion and other human disturbances. We started with the first terrace built at Monterosa's main hut, as we continue the building of other facilities we are also creating areas as more orchids have been salvaged, especially since the Cusco-Quillabamba road is being paved. We have identified around 56 species of orchids in the Monterosa area.

August Tree Plantation 2007

12 August 2007

We finally have our babies ready to be planted, the challenge is to plant 600 baby trees, this was only possible with the collaboration of the local people from the nearby community of Inkatambo and Amaybamba, once the 02 day planting process finished we celebrated the idea of being able to porvide life back to our Mother Earth PACHA, now we just have to wait and see how the babies do. The trees that were planted are all native, that include it: Walnuts, erythrinas, lauraceaes, alnus and many more. Thanks to all of you that made it possible.