- Pacha Conservancy Project, For a greener future - Cusco, Peru

  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru
  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru
  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru
  • For a greener future - Pacha Conservancy Project - Cusco, Peru

Our Projects


Monterosa’s privileged location in the buffer zone of the Machupicchu Protected Area is home to over 180 species of birds, including two endemics, the Inca Wren and Green and White Hummingbird. This area has been used for the past four decades as tea plantation and cattle farms, degradating its unique cloud forest environment. Pacha Conservancy is addressing restoration in this area, through tree planting and education, both very important keys for conservation. We hope that in the years to come we can incorporate local land and expand our conservation unit to create a corridor. Our plans also include buying more land to contribute to our conservation efforts.


Much of our efforts are spent in restoring the native vegetation of our region. This can be done by letting deforested land go fallow for several years or by planting native species in open areas and adjacent remnant forest. Our goal is to create perpetual sustainable forest in sections that were previously dedicated to different human activities, illegal logging and unsustainable land management practices. In many places destructive slash and burn destroyed the forests, eliminating native flora and fauna, and filling the air with smoke and pollutants. Since 2006, Pacha Conservancy has been planting trees in the Lucumayu Valley.


The goal of Pacha Conservancy is to assist students of any age to develop awareness, knowledge, skills and commitment that result in informed decisions, responsible behavior and constructive actions concerning wildlife and the environment upon which all life depends.
Our educational program emphasizes in wildlife and forests because of their intrinsic, ecological value, as well as their role in teaching how ecosystems function. In the face of competing needs and pressures affecting the quality and sustainability of life on earth, Pacha Conservancy addresses the need for human beings to develop as responsible citizens of our planet. It is based on the premise that young people and educators have a vital interest in learning about our natural world.
Pacha conservancy's primary audience is elementary school through high school students. However, this does not limit the usefulness of Pacha Conservancy to formal educational settings.


Pacha Conservancy is developing different activities with the communities in the proximity of Monterosa from workshops to their members , constructing and maintaining communal facilities, tree planting, building efficient clay stoves and more.


Pacha Conservancy in partnership with undergraduate students of the Faculty of Biology of Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco, has carried out a series of monitoring and evaluation field trips in the Lucumayu Valley. This research is conducted on the grounds of Monterosa and surrounding areas to start the collection of important data in different fields of biology. We also welcome students from all over the world that could share their knowledge and carry out field work at Monterosa.